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Hockey Tips

Proper Stick Length

When cutting your hockey stick down in length please follow these basic guidelines:

When standing on your skates, the stick should be about chin level.

When standing in bare feet, the stick should be about nose level.

Skate/Ankle Problems

Beginning skaters may show problems with their skates tipping in or out while skating.


Several things to look at to cure or prevent this: One, make sure skates are tied tightly and to the top eyelet; Two, make sure that the skate blades are not crooked or broken and that the skate boots are firm, not flimsy. Skates have been know to have problems with blades and boots. Please ask your coach to look at your child's skate if you suspect a problem.

Helmet Fitting Guide

A hockey helmet should fit snug to prevent any shifting and maximum protection.


Make sure the chinstrap can be adjusted so it gently makes contact under the chin when fastened. The helmet should rest on the head so that the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with the top of your head.

A Basic Guide To Hockey Terminology

Point awarded to a player or players for helping set up a goal; usually the last two offensive players to handle the puck prior to a goal being scored are credited for assists.


The wooden and glass walls that surround the rink.

Body Check:

Using the hip or shoulder to impede the progress of an opponent who has the puck.


A scoring opportunity that occurs when there are no defending players between the puck carrier and the opposing goaltender.

Changing On The Fly:
Substitution of players without a stoppage in play.

To initiate play, the puck is dropped between two opposing players who face each other.

Pressuring the opposition when they control the puck in the neutral or defensive zone.

Hat Trick:
Three goals scored by one player in a single game.

Power Play:
When a team has more players on the ice because of a penalty (or penalties) called against the opposing team.

Pull The Goalie:
In an attempt to tie the score, a team trailing by one or two goals may take its goalie off the ice and send out an extra skater. This usually occurs in the closing minute(s) of a game.

When a team is forced to play with fewer than six players because one or more have been sent to the penalty box.

Slap Shot:
A sweeping motion with an accentuated back swing to shoot the puck (similar to a drive in golf).

Wrist Shot:
The motion of shooting with the puck directly against the blade of the stick.