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Dibs Instructions

 Dibs Instructions can be found at the bottom of this page under the Dibs Events.

Dibs Insructions

Dibs is a program to claim and schedule your volunteer hours. 

All scheduling will be done with this online program

Each family will need to create an NGIN account, only 1 per family.  You will have the ability to schedule whoever is working by their name.

Once you have claimed an item it will disappear from the list.  Each item also has a cancelation feature if you need to cancel something you signed up to do, but there is also a timeframe in which to cancel. 

The following are step by step instructions:
If you worked over the summer or a date that has already passed look for dates around the time you think you worked and it should be there.  If it is not there or if you are having problems, please do not hesitate to call, I will walk you through it.


 1.      Create a user name and login, when filling out your profile; please don’t use nicknames as the Administrator might not know you by that name.

2.     You can review all available opportunities by date and category.  The program will search from today’s date to the last item available.  If you are claiming something you have already done, search that particular time.  Example, you worked public skating in October, check October.

3.     Once you have claimed and completed an opportunity, you will need to request completion.  The Administrator will complete this in a timely fashion.


Remember, ALL scheduling is done through this program, if you want the credit you need to claim it and request completion.  It a very user friendly program and should be a great asset to scheduling and keeping track of hours. 

New items may be added periodically so log on often!!!